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The Gift of Prayer

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PRAY T-shirt - Flames on the Altar
Jude's Missiles Prayer Book by Dr. Darius Ellis James - Flames On The Altar

Jude's Missiles: Prayer Declarations From The Book of Jude

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Signature PRAY Shirt - White

Available for Pre-Order Now. 

PRAY T-shirt - Flames on the Altar

Signature PRAY Shirt - Black

Available for Pre-Order Now. 



Flames On The Altar Apparel was founded by our CEO, Darius Ellis James. Our mission is to equip and empower individuals, churches, and organizations to become prayer catalysts and spiritual architects. Prayer catalysts provoke others to pray. Spiritual architects are intercessors who build, govern, administrate, and occupy through strategic prayers.

Our purpose is to  eliminate prayerlessness, increase people's hunger and thirst for God's word and presence, and empower people to walk boldly in their identity as a son and daughter in Jesus.

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